About Dianne Kraus

Dianne Kraus - Interior Designer in Los AngelesDianne Kraus has over 30 years of design experience. She specializes in interiors for hospitality and high-end residential properties. Informed by a deep understanding and respect for the tenet that beauty affects our perception; and that beautiful design transforms our experience in space and time.

Born and raised in Southern California, Dianne was influenced at an early age by her father’s love and vision for the design and marketing of automotive accessories. He created candy apple paint and hanging fuzzy dice just to name a few, that were the iconic symbols of cars in the late 1950’s and transformed our experience and sense of time and place, adding a unique flare.

Dianne has studied all aspects of design. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in Interior Architecture and a Minor in Fine Arts and is CCIDC and LEED AP Certified. She received her MA in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica and a Feng Shui In Modern Living Certification from leading expert Angi Ma Wong to bring forth a holistic approach to design.

Dianne’s work experience includes BOORA Architects, Kelly Wearstler Interior Design and Gensler.

BOORA Architects in Portland Oregon exposed her first application of sustainability in architecture and design. It was at BOORA that designing with a purpose and offering a meaningful, sustainable solution became the foundation of her design process.

Working alongside Kelly Wearstler in Los Angeles, Dianne explored the highest level of detail and creative expression. She developed a sense that history and modernity, imagination and discipline, refinement and anomalies can and should coexist.

Dianne’s work at Gensler focused on large-scale projects for corporate clients and instilled in her a multidisciplinary approach. Balancing the need for a practical return on the client’s investment while providing quality design was paramount and achievable.

Dianne has maintained an entrepreneurial spirit throughout her life and loves to create and brand products and spaces. She has launched multiple brands over the years, most notably Green Tangerine, an eco-friendly seasonal retail and online shopping experience located in a thoughtfully conceived, non-toxic, zero carbon footprint shop. Dianne also designed three commercial interiors infused with the Green Tangerine ethos. She fully embraces the idea of re-use, repurpose and recycle and develops products that are good for the user and the environment.

Having worked for the best design firms in the country, Dianne took on her latest venture, her own design firm. Her refined and elegant aesthetic has helped shape some of Los Angeles’s most beautiful homes and hospitality venues. With an eye for detail and a wellness perspective, Dianne’s work is both accomplished and highly contemporary. She has long-standing relationships with many of her clients who appreciate her depth of knowledge, taste, and the coalescing of her mastery into her beauty, soul and person-centered approach to design.

Dianne currently resides in West Los Angeles.